Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I will crawl

Starting to get used to what being on all fours feels like...a long way to go, but so much progress already made!

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Monday, 6 June 2011

The first step is the challenge

Simon's grandfather passed away on the 18 May 2011. 9 days later, his courageous wife followed him. 2 grandparents lost in such a short space of time. Its been tough and my incredible husband's world has changed.
I'm so grateful for having had the opportunity to assist the family in helping arrange events,etc. Without that, I don't believe I would have spent nearly as much time thinking and mulling over whats happened, who they were, what now and whats important.

I've been thinking - very muddled thoughts - about how life is about God, family, people, going beyond your world and getting out into the world of others. They were involved - in society, people's lives and incredibly devoted to family. I have so much more I could say about them...but don't want to write 5 pages!

Once everything had settled and all the memorials were done, I was looking forward to some timeout. Selfish timeout. Ironic after what I've just said, I know. Then I went to church...
and again...
Reminded of how life is about God, people, getting involved in the world...all together, not in separate boxes.

With all this at the back of my mind, Katelyn got sick. Fevers, drugs, appointments, urine bags, medicine...all thrown into the mix in my head. 

So, as the next thing is thrown into the mix, its so easy to get distracted. Either get so absorbed into my world, sort my world out, stay in my world, get ontop of everything...OR...to do the best I can to keep my world orderly while allowing God to change me and open my eyes to the opportunities to do life His way. 

Easier said than done.
Now its about taking the step beyond whats comfortable and living out those convictions...