Thursday, 26 January 2012

Healthy Happy Holidays

Some pics from our holiday...lots of beautiful swims, cuddles, meals out and about, sand, sun...

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Milestone Mania

My child...she's just manic these days!!!! Got to be the result of 7 healthy weeks. She's stronger, louder, more determined, smiley, cheeky, totally naughty and everything else in-between.

How am I meant to discipline her when...
* She stands up in her high-chair when I'm trying to feed her...I mean, she's figured she can put pressure on her feet and stand...I'm ecstatic! 
* She tries to launch herself onto me to pull my hair (and hard!)....I mean, she's got enough strength to do whatever she has to do to get herself onto me...I'm smiling!
* She puts on tears to not eat...I mean, she's realised that there are multiple emotions in this world...I'm thrilled
* She pulls everything off the table when she's standing next to it...I mean, she's figured that if she gets her hands on the table I may help her up...I'm overjoyed!

She seems to be getting closer to crawling by the day. She all of the sudden got from lying down to sitting up (with a teeny bit of nudging) all on her own yesterday ( I thought she was miles off)...and by the end of the day she was literally leopard crawling. She is figuring it all out very quickly. Even if she isn't quite strong enough for crawling yet, the patterns are slowly coming together.

When I finally get my pictures off my phone, I'll be able to post some gorgeously cute photo's of my strong little thug. 

I think the next stretch is going to be Milestone Mania!!!! I can't wait!