Tuesday, 19 February 2013


I recently read a book sent to me from a family friend in America. A good and perfect gift - Amy Becker. It was very surreal reading a story which almost feels so similar to our journey in so many ways - their Christian faith, their firstborn, their fears and sensitivities being a special needs parent.  

Subsequently, I read this blog post Reflections - posing questions around how to deal with the ups and downs, emotions, feelings.

Reading about other people's journeys helps me to reflect on ours to date, to grapple with emotions, connect and get a glimpse into the lives of those who are walking similar roads.All this a gentle reminder - to take time to reflect, to allow myself to be where I find myself and to remember that I'm not alone. 

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Development Cycles

I have written before about the interesting development cycles that are associated with Down Syndrome. I don't think you'll find it in any medical papers (or maybe I just haven't read enough!), but most people you speak to tell you about it and most parents I've spoken to have experienced them. Maybe its only something that's associated with the first few years...will be interesting to find out.

Instead of a continually escalating development cycle like you would find in a normal child, who's always learning something new whether it be around physical, fine motor, language or social skills. The Down Syndrome cycles seem to follow long 'plateau' periods and then sudden 'development' periods. We were in a plateau period for about 6 months last year. It's incredible challenging and frustrating. Not seeing any changes, nothing seeming to be improving...but it also makes a development period even more rewarding. We seem to have been on a developing cycles for the past 2 months or so.

Katelyn has picked up so many new signs, is communicating using sign-language (as opposed to just signing a few animals) , seems to be understanding so much more...and...is starting to stand a lot! Its a wonderful period to be in - so rewarding to suddenly see things changing.

Katelyn just loves it when I play the piano

She's so enjoying time on her trike. Its great that there's finally a bike of sorts that does work for her.

Post swim cuddles