Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An Unhurried Life

I have been so challenged recently - through a chapter in a book (The life you've always wanted, John Ortberg).

Just a few on the list that described me: constantly speeding up daily activities; at a robot, I'll always try and guess which lane will be quicker to go in, I'm watching the opposite robot turn orange so I can get into gear, continually multi-tasking, feeling like I need to make 'time worthwhile', not spending enough time with the 'right' people, must achieve something with time...

Here were just some extracts that I wrote down that were thought-provoking to me:

" Life is cluttered when we are weighed down by the burden of all the things we have failed to say no to. "

" Superficiality: If superficiality is the curse of our age, then hurry pronounces the spell. Depth always comes slowly."

" We have traded wisdom for information, depth for breadth, we want to microwave maturity "

"Love and hurry are fundamentally incompatible. Love always takes time, and time is one thing hurried people don't have."

"...we are just too tired, or too drained, or too preoccupied to love the people to whom we have made the deepest promises. this is when...you find yourself rushing when there is no reason to, underlying tension that causes sharp words or quarrels, you sense a loss of gratitude and wonder, you indulge in self-destructive escapes from fatigue - alcohol, watching too much TV, ..."

There is so much more - and its concluded in describing the need to force yourself to slow down, finding solitude and taking extended time-outs - that's the most important part, but I'm trusting God I can write a post about that in the future :)

** on the side, it's also challenged me that I'm going to need to slow down a lot in order to take-in each day, and enjoy each day that I have with my little girl! **