Friday, 20 August 2010

Sometimes I wonder

Sometimes I really do wonder if things will ever get easier - or if the past 5months (ok,8 months) is just preparing us for the years ahead. When one small thing comes right,the next thing goes wrong. We're still in a manic feeding/sleeping routine which just isn't quite coming right,and suddenly she's just snapped into this thing of taking 3hrs to go to sleep at night. But I think some of those things are minor (eventhough the putting to sleep is backbreaking) - compared to the emotional journey I feel I'm on, that's the real exhausting thing. Sometimes it feels like we're completely alone in what we go through,the thoughts,the challenges.

When I remember, and sometimes its hard when there's always something happening - God is the only one who really knows where I'm at,the only one who can really comfort and bring peace. May I remember that daily.

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