Monday, 14 February 2011

Things change and life goes on

So we had the heart news - thats a whole separate post in itself - I'll get onto that when I have a moment. Bottom line...we're waiting for at least another 6 months.

So, life goes on. And I suspect the days will roll into weeks and months - in a good way. I've accepted the delay, and know that Gods timing is perfect. But for now, its how we move on, how we choose to spend our time, our energies and everything else.

For now, I'm taking it a day at a time. We had a wonderful weekend, just hanging around with Katelyn just enjoying where we at with her, talking about her next milestones and (me) thinking about what I really need to work on with her, how we're going to get there etc.
She's almost 11 months - and we NEED to get to:
- Sitting
- Exploring objects, putting them in her mouth etc (this only happens by default now)
- Eating technique - needs to be worked on!
I'm happy to just stick to and focus on these now. I feel like she's so close, yet so far sometimes.
The exploring objects and eating thing is probably the one that makes me a little more concerned, I'm going to possibly have to touch base with some people and find out any tips / help that they've had or things they've done that really worked. She's suddenly become very anti anything in her mouth, so I've never really been worried, but all of a sudden, I've noticed she doesnt want anything put into her mouth unless she's eating. So - thats my big project for now I think (together with the eating). Its so important for communication and speech that I really need to learn more about it. The sitting, well, even if delayed and below average - it'll come.

So here's to a week of trusting God for interesting avenues/people/research for me to find out more!

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  1. Hi, I'm Karien and live in Pretoria. It's late now, so I;ll come back later to read your blog. See you are new on downsyn, so I thought I'll welcome you in advance. It is a wonderful site- hope to "see you there" soon. My son is almost 5 (march 7).