Friday, 25 March 2011

To Katelyn

To Katelyn,

Thank-you for a life-changing year.

You've taught  me to be patient.
You've taught me that life is bigger and better when we're not in control.
You've taught me to look to God before anything else.
You've taught me to persevere when I believe in something, even when people think I'm crazy.
You've taught me that love is possible, even when you're broken inside.
You've taught me that life carries on through the tears and smiles!!!!!!!
You've taught me what normal is.

You remind me of how good God is.
You remind me how special people are, and to believe in everyone.
You remind me that there's fun in plastic packets, spoons and tissues.

I pray your second year is filled with sleep!, sitting and more, successful operations, good health, tons of smiles and laughs, grasping and reaching, strength and most importantly love.

I love you...

...even when you exhaust me!


  1. special friends26 March 2011 at 11:04

    Carol that is so beautiful...

    much love candice

  2. that is wonderful! how are children change and challenge us and at the end of the day we wouldn't change one single things! too cute!