Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Celebrating 2!

I cannot believe its been 2 years. My little girl is 2.

In some ways it almost doesn't make sense, when you see her and may expect her to be around 11 months old  based on size and abilities...but nope, she's a whole 2!

So many thoughts cross my mind when I contemplate the past two years:  how much she's had to go through, how exhausting and long its felt, how gorgeously cute she is, how when you wait so long for some things the reward feels so good, how we really are still in baby phase, how I love the fact that she's still good at cuddles  :)

Katelyn Louise has quite a lot to show for her two years. Something I can't shake though, is the feeling that she is the one single thing/person in my life that has had the biggest impact on me as a person. Not the 'having a child' part, something so much more than that. It's the questions she's made me answer, the awareness and perspective she's brought to my life, what she's brought up in me, learning over and over to be patient, loving, not jealous, accepting, easy on myself and just so much more. So, I feel like these past two years have begun a journey in me that will continue forever, but one that is so rewarding...because honestly...with a cute kid like this...my heart continually smiles :)

Don't really have proper pics of her relaxed bday celebrations...but here are one or two for now.

From this....
really no clue what is happening with everyone staring at me :)

finally a smile :)

** The best part of the day was that her 3 month old cousin, Sarah-Hope was there. I'm still preparing to write about her and how these two are going to be fab friends...but I may wait until her mommy has done version one of her birth story...hint hint :) **

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