Friday, 6 March 2015


Katelyn is a big sister. Little sister Jessica, is having to learn really quickly how to handle her overly enthusiastic, come overly emotional older sister prodding, poking, pulling...I'll leave it there!

early days...
As I watch them together, I pray for a very special relationship. Its been a real answer to prayer having another child. I hold this little one each day with an extra squeeze acknowledging this incredible gift we've been given. Then I hold Katelyn with an even bigger squeeze - wishing I could talk things through with her, chat to her in detail about what Jessica is doing, asking her what she's thinking - but instead, we have lots of deep hugs and simple words and I'm trusting that that is just what she needs right now.  

so sweet getting onto her level

Katelyns' new way of smiling ;)

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