Monday, 6 June 2016

Potty Training & Down Syndrome

Oh how I was dreading it. Katelyn was turning 5 and she hadn't even been walking for 6 months - I kept on hearing potty training, seeing potty training but I just couldn't face it.
Then we heard she required open heart surgery again. Yet another pit in my stomach and another delay.

Eventually, after the heart surgery and as the summer was starting, I decided it should be time. I read blogs, bought books, read LOTS about potty training and special needs, added myself to every facebook support group I could find.

Then, 8 months later, as I was meant to get going, my father was in hospital, my youngest keeping me up all night, still trying to handle work...I had zero energy for it all. I thank God for fabulous friends of ours who gave us a little potty stool that had worked well for them. The only energy I had was to put it in the bathroom and leave it.

On days when I was at home and had capacity, I just left her with nothing on and tried to take her to the potty as much as possible. She started becoming quite difficult and resistant though. The 'Intense weekend / few days plan' that I thought I would go for was suddenly seeming not so ideal, as she became more determined not to do what I said.

Over the course of the summer holidays [about 4 weeks], I tried my best to just NOT put a nappy on [besides nights of course]. I'd try my hardest to catch her before she did anything, or start learning her facial expressions. There were many accidents, but while we were on holiday, i decided to just let it go.

After she had settled in at school for the year, I asked her teacher if she'd be open to her coming with no nappy to school. They were very supportive, but concerned that it would be slightly impractical of course.

I am aware that this is not how it goes down for everyone, but there was something in the 'letting it happen' thing that just worked, it was like there was something that just clicked for her that she figured it out, as opposed to me forcing her into a routine and a habit.

I'm so grateful. Its a reminder that God knows what we need. I have NOT had the energy for potty training, life has been overly full these past 8 months and look back with huge gratitude to God for his faithfulness.

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