Sunday, 7 November 2010

Seven...almost eight months

Almost eight months...can't believe it. She's such a sweetie...hard work, but such a sweetie. Having a guilty week of how little I do with I should be doing so much with her, as it can only help her, but find it so hard to find the time, or when I do have abit of time, to actually take it by sitting down with her and playing with her  - and not dumping her next to me on the floor while I get on with something or try connect with some people.

Katelyn...I'm trying to use her name more, as she needs to learn to respond to it. It is going to take a while to get to that, so we're trying to be consistent in only calling her by her name and no other baby nicknames (for any parent, i bet you can agree on how hard that must be!!).

We had a good physio session this week, she's very happy again with her strength. We're working on a bunch of things..but one thing i found interesting is the learning and starting to put pressure on her arms / hands. So did all sorts of interesting things in how to do that and integrate that into playtime (note to self: more things to do with her when I actually commit to some time with her!).

Busy time of year ahead of us, trying to keep our diaries relatively 'free'...which means just not trying to squeeze in too many things in one day...its hard! the downhill road till christmas break...Simons ready to go away now...but just a few more weeks of hard work...then a good break :)

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