Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sometimes its hard to focus on the sun...

Some days, eventhough the sun is there, its so hard not to also see the clouds. I try my hardest, say so many prayers, but sometimes its just hard. Hard.

I trust Gods journey though, in amongst all the good and bad days, all the strange small emotions, I know that He has a plan far beyond and far above anything we can imagine. So i choose to trust Him. It doesn't take those hard days away, but gives me peace to hold onto in those days.

I'm finding the small things hard. Noticing small little things around me and how different it is, hard it is, how she isnt like that, how it won't be like that for us...all sorts of things. Those things are going to face us, and are going to come up, I adore Katelyn so much that of course I wouldn't change who she is for the world...but sometimes I feel that I'm not going to have the strength to deal with those things when they come, or now. Then I remind myself that I'm not on the journey alone. Even when I feel alone.

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