Wednesday, 12 January 2011

2011 and whats in store

I still feel like I haven't yet connected with what Gods plan for my year is, for a mini me list of the things I want to do / make this year...possibly because i literally dont have any time to myself. I need to steal time from somewhere, but i dont know where. Because we're back to having terrible terrible nights with Katelyn, I'm so exhausted that my 5:30 start time for the day is just impossible that i try and get back into bed and get another 30min or so  sleep once she's had her bottle. In the day, if i do anything, then she's just lying on the floor entertaining herself (or moaning which she does alot of lately) - and hardly very good for any development (ok, besides the fact that she's rolling around sooooo much that i cant leave her too long else she could literally be in another room!)

Anyway, I'm inspired by some of the other blogs that I follow - I know they dont have help around the house etc, and lots of them have other kids too, I just don't know how they do it! I need time for me to read, rest and exercise...desperately!

So, here's to figuring 2011 - i was praying and trusting that this year won't be about survival as 2010 was for us, but that it'll be about moving on from that space and being able to have capacity for other things, for being intentional about people, things, us, development etc. I'll try be gracious with myself and allow myself until the end of January to have grabbed a few moments to work on it...but I need to, moving on is essential, and its going to be a much more fruitful space to be in.

Where I do start, is knowing how good God is, that His plan is higher than mine...and thats what I want insight into, not my plan, but His.

**maybe i should start off by praying that God will give K the ability to sleep for longer than 30min....that'll be a GREAT start!**

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