Thursday, 20 January 2011

therapies therapies everywhere...

Can be so overwhelming going off to all these physio's, checkups, appointments...some near, some far. I know each one is so worth it, but its soon time to consolidate. For me to consolidate what we're focussing on and what we're learning...and what Katelyn's trying to do and focus on that. Because everything has been so chaotic and all over the place, now its time...2011...time to consolidate.
So I do need to learn from other moms how to do this, the best way, to have a list of things we focus on, but I do also need to figure out whats going to work for us.
Just some of the things that need work:
 - Sitting, carrying weight on her arms, and giving her some feeling of crawling!
 - Talking....carry on the talking talking talking and all other social skills
 - Need to do more peek-a-boo and start some turn-taking - eventhough i think she's a bit off this we'v been encouraged by so many people to do it so we should get onto it!
 - lots of Stretching, holding, banging...learning there's a noise to some things and figuring out that the world kinda works and has responses
- SIGNING...lots of signing with our few initial signs we've started
....and a few other things...simple things...things that don't require much, but without proper structure its so easy to just focus on the gross motor skills and forget to talk to her or I need to do it for myself :)
I'm posting this so i look back on it to check up on myself...aim, by end of January to at least have a list up in the playroom!!!!

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