Sunday, 25 September 2011

I'm 18 months and...
- 2 (3 kinda) heart surgeries done and dusted...lots of sickness inbetween, but I don't moan that much
- almost packed away all 3 - 6 month clothes, but busting into some 12 - 18 items slowly
- Sitting, rolling, reaching, just gotta get to crawling
- Babbling lots
- Just started having few sips of water (this is a big thing for my mom apparently!)
- Sleeping well when I feel like it
- Mostly smiling
- Eating well, eventhough I still am having 3 vanilla milkshakes a day (enjoying that because apparently thats going to change soon!)
- I love watching children play, rugby with my dad, shaking anything that makes a noise

Now i just want christmas holidays...

Under the influence of my nanny

All I love to do is pull my right sock uncle calls me the one sock wonder...

Giving mommy a small grin

Holding my ball with two hands...this is a big thing!

I'm just learning 'if you happy and you know it' song...

Mom trying to force me to point and push the button...its such a great tune, i'll do whatever she says

I'm super flexible to eat my toes...and have my morning bed play

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  1. Beautiful Katelyn! Seeing these pics, you'd never know she just went through so much! What a superstar! She is inspiring and i continue to be so blessed through your sharing Carol, thank you!