Friday, 11 November 2011

Where did the time go?

Feels like its been a lifetime since my last post.Yikes...its November!

Katelyn has had a tough time since being home, with throat, nose, tummy, wound issues...all one after another. She ended up back in surgery after 4 weeks at home, as her wound wasn't healing around her pacemaker. So they cut her open again (not the whole way up, but almost), moved her pacemaker and stitched her up nice and tightly. Out of theatre and back onto a ventilator, which really was just hard to see...after all that she's been through...going in for a 'surface' surgery...and back to that state.[I of course know it was the best thing]. Anyway, she struggled a bit in hospital, and came out after 6 days on more medication than after her open heart surgery! After that again, has been one thing after another, ears, coughs, noses etc...with the one odd happy day inbetween, but her poor little body I think has had enough of getting attacked by things! I keep trusting that we're on the road to 'good health' soon...or at least to get to 7 days straight of a happy healthy little girl! Desperate for her body to get a chance to get strong again, start preparing for crawling (military mom almost in action) and learning more and more.

I've started working. In amongst the medical chaos I'm trying to get a good few hours work in a day...proving to be interesting jumping from work meetings to doctor's appointments, sending Katelyn with others to doctor appointments, daddy covering for me while I'm at work. So all interesting. It feels like madness, but this madness feels right (how is that possible!). 

But in between all of it, Simon and I had a great night away, we celebrated Simon's 36th birthday (getting seriously old!), had some good times with friends and family. Katelyn still manages to charm her way through life, making lots of doctors, granny's, passers by, nurses all smile...which always warms my heart. When I think of the past 7 weeks, I can't quite believe what she has gone through (and I wonder why she bursts into tears when she sees a syringe!) but still, even when she's feeling pretty rotten, she smiles and gives me a nice warm cuddle and I just want to squeeze her tighter.

Think we're in love with her more than ever before, so proud of her and looking forward to what lies ahead for her in the summer months to come.

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