Saturday, 24 August 2013

Dads reflections

My first little addition to my wife’s reflections....when Carol mentioned to me yesterday that Saturday (today) would be 2 years since our little fighter’s heart was fully repaired, I could not believe it. We then scrolled back and had a look at some photos of her during her surgery time, and oh my word, it really got us quite choked up – there were more machines, pipes & drains than Katelyn! Her little body was so lifeless during those ICU days. We both agreed that if she was to undergo that now that, we don’t know how we would handle it & we would be in a far worse space. It is so clear that this little munchkin of ours has not only come so far herself but she has edged her way deeper and deeper into our hearts and minds.

I am not going to lie, this journey to date has not been easy at all, and we have plenty of challenges and struggles with Katelyn but to say that she has crept into my heart & grown on me is an understatement. Something that we often say to each other is “Shame love, she has so many challenges...” - the thing is though, she is such a fighter, so brave and courageous, that against all odds, she continues to astound us. Katelyn does struggle to do the most simplest of things that we all take for granted, but this does not stop her repeatedly trying again. When most of us would have given up, she keeps going!

When I look back at that lifeless body in ICU and how she was when we eventually took her home, I realise how far she has come.....her communication via sign language & even the odd word, her eating, her swimming, her singing & dancing, her pulling herself up & her general getting about.....and she even sleeps a bit now.....J

I have been working from home for about a year now I think, so I have had the privilege of seeing my special girl quite a thing that I always look forward to is when she wakes up from her afternoon sleep & before heading down the passage to Barney......or lunch......she pops her head around the corner into my office just to say hello.......actually probably just to make sure that I am working! The joy of seeing that smiley face every day is really a blessing!

As coined while she was in hospital, Katelyn will always be #ourlittlefighter – she has an incredible spirit & such tenacity; I have learned so much from her already and look forward to all she has teach me in the future!

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