Friday, 6 May 2011

Easter Milestones

We had a wonderful week break over Easter and escaped to honestly one of the most beautiful spots in the world. Hosting special friends; family time; rain, sun, wind...
A week before we left, Katelyn had started showing signs of actually being strong enough to sit on her own, but wouldn't last longer than 10seconds or so, but I knew it was FINALLY starting to come. While we were away, she literally became a sitting star! I think having another little toddler around helped - as kept her concentrating (she just loves to watch other kids!) and sitting for minutes and minutes. Sitting changes everything. Your perspective, allows you to follow everything happening around you, suddenly makes you want to interact with everything...and thats just what I've found. She's a totally different person. It's an incredible thing to witness and watch, someone who for a whole year has been lying on the floor struggling to push herself up and eventually rolling over, to someone who's sitting (and straight up I must add **so proud**) and taking in everything. Its another reminder to me, of the incredible the reward is of reaching a milestone...the first of many. 

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