Tuesday, 10 May 2011

My Challenge

Some days I am really overwhelmed...with everything. I know I should be doing so many different things with Katelyn, and when I find myself not focusing on her like I should be (I'm not expecting to be focused on her every second, but at least every second or third!) I get really frustrated. It doesn't take alot to get the games and exercises done, but it does require intentionality a couple of times a day. So I'm going to be putting together a routine for myself, to squeeze in those 15min sessions a few times a day in a way that hopefully one day becomes natural. I know this will be a fluid process and I'll figure out along the way what works best for me, but I have to start somewhere. So watch this space...

Praise God that on those days when I feel like its too much to take on, I look at the 7.5kg bundle on my lap, or rolling around on the floor next to me and am reminded of not only how adorable she is, but what a special gift she's been to us. We're being changed because of her.

Here's just some of that cuteness...


  1. Hey Carol, Julian Z told me about your blog, I was so glad to find it and be able to catch up with you and see hope little K is doing. She seems to be making wonderful progress and is as cute as ever!
    Not sure if you have seen this blog yet... it's a long read and quite heartbreaking and 'raw', but very touching and inspirational... http://www.kellehampton.com/2010/01/nella-cordelia-birth-story.html Just thought you may like to follow her story too.
    Take care, and much love from me and boys.

  2. Carol - you and Simon have the most incredibly beautiful and inspiring and sweet daughter - oh my soul, she is amazing! Her smile is infectious even through photos and across thousands of miles! I want to jump on a plane to SA just to meet her!!
    Leigh just sent me the link to your blog and I read the whole thing in one sitting - wow! thank you for all that you have shared - I will write more to you in an email soon. (Jenn Chaves - Leigh's friend in Canada)