Saturday, 28 May 2011

Signing...I know she can

Some days I feel like the past 5.5 months of signing has just not been worth it. When everyday you are trying your best to sign the few words that we have signs for, daily, for months...and STILL no’s so easy to become despondent.

I believe in it very strongly, and I so look forward to the day when I can communicate with my child before she can communicate verbally. At least she **will be able** to tell me when she’s hungry, thirsty, tired etc. That’s what I hold on to.

She isn’t signing yet. BUT I have faith it will come soon. Firstly, because she’s clapping and waving and is starting to comprehend her hands and what she can do with them, and how she can copy people. It’s a good start. But secondly, on two very very random occasions in the past few weeks, we’ve seen her pat her tummy a while after one of us have been saying ‘mommy’ (and the mommy sign is a pat on your chest) – I’ll take the tummy as chest any day J  I know she’s beginning to absorb so much more. Whether its related or not, the fact that I’ve seen her pat her tummy makes me know she’s at least getting another action in!

For those of you who’ve been there, I think you’ll understand the incredible reward it is when your child starts to sign. I’m only beginning to feel the reward…and although I don’t feel it fully yet at all…just the hope and faith fills my heart! I can’t wait for her to sign mommy – even if its daddy ;) and even if that’s the only one she signs for months!

Heading into the potential space of a looming operation, I want to step out in faith and pray that she’s able to sign the basics before operation time (still no news on that – besides a checkup in August). It will be wonderful if she can at least sign thirsty / tired / hungry while in hospital. Though I hope that it doesn’t all disappear from her memory when her hands are tied down – but I’m trusting God that as soon as her hands are tested and given some freedom that they behave and don’t pull out the million pipes, and that she’ll be able to communicate. Always good to have high expectations I’ve been told :)
But that aside…I ask God for the discipline of consistency, consistency, consistency…as that’s what this is all about.

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  1. Hang in thire, the signing WILL come. Kallen is 5 now-I started with the signing 2 years ago- he picked it up SO fast! look on Kalahari for Signing Time dvd's. They don't have many at the moment, but you can't go wrong with it. Our children LOVE LOVE LOVE the dvd's. we are Afrikaans speaking- so I translate for Kallen< but if your English, there is mush more to gain.