Wednesday, 24 August 2011

17 months(in 1 day!) and a repaired heart!!

We made it. We have literally been waiting for this for months and months. Katelyn had her open heart surgery today. I'll spare the outcome details for another post, but its been repaired. It's a big moment.

The next short stage of our lives will be centred around Katelyn's recovery. I'm trusting God to write a miracle story, not to be defined by any previous experience. I'm ready to be by her side and asking God for the grace to be all I can be to her.

Hospital time is really all-consuming. Its not my favourite place, but for a short period of time your world is small and it brings you in touch with a diverse group of people. I'm overly grateful that I live down the road and am not thousands of miles from home like so many here but mostly,that our case is 'simple'. There are so many kids with so many really complicated heart-problems. We have no idea.

So, here's to a new chapter - 17 months and a repaired heart!

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  1. SO glad to hear it went well. Thinking of you and her and hoping for a speedy and strong recovery! Hope to see you soon once you guys are out and about again.