Thursday, 11 August 2011

Why they said 'Yes'

We had our cardiologist appointment two weeks ago - the one we've been waiting for for 6 months! We were feeling pretty anxious about the appointment, mostly because of what we may find about the 'complication' that the cardiologist had been concerned about. 

Anyway, he didnt do a detailed scan (phew...saved us some cash!) - he only checked up on the complication and checked her out. He was thrilled that she's looking so healthy and had 'doubled-in-size' since January. He didnt give us too much other feedback, which we expected and promised to get back to us the following week once he'd chatted to the Surgeon. 

After a painful 5 days of waiting...he phoned. Surgeon's feedback " There's no point in delaying it any longer". YAY! So we had a date scheduled, 25 August 2011. Catheterisation scheduled for the 23 August, and then admitted on the afternoon of the 24th to prepare for the morning. Its a relief to have it scheduled, I feel ready for it, trusting God for it all.

Ultimately, this is why they said 'Yes, now...'

the nice bulging arms...
 that pot belly...
 round all over
 loving my fattening milkshake...
so much stronger!

**the complication remains a concern for him (an obstruction of the aorta), but he is hoping that the repair of the hole will indirectly fix holding thumbs**

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