Tuesday, 1 June 2010

being 'Normal'

What am I meant to do now-how do I know whether to follow the 'normal' course,when not to,how to have high standards,when to expect her to do things as others,or not? May God give me the grace to begin to establish my feeling, my gut, whats right for us.

Daily reminded that I'm not in control of this all.She is in His hands,we go ahead doing the best we can.On her down weeks,I realise there is so much to this girl that I don't understand and how much I have to learn,on the up weeks I just think I have a 'normal' child.I want to act as tho I have a normal child.Although it sounds strange, I don't see why it should be so different.  Because its not. She's a baby, does baby things, needs what babies need - she just happens to have a few other unique aspects too. She's so floppy i can hold her in the cutest positions  - she's our flopster and she's half the size [ok not quite] of other kiddies her age. Scary how we establish our view of 'normal through our experience of life and society.  My challenge, as the weeks go by i can see how it exponentially changes. I've still got lots of processing to do...but for now...
Katelyn is normal. She's my normal. She's my beautiful daughter.

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