Monday, 7 June 2010

The first big doctor day

Because of Katelyns slow weight gain last week,we decided to phone the cardiologist.Were due to see him in ten days time anyway,but felt it right to keep him updated on her progress.My darling husband makes these calls-wow how much I appreciate that! He sounded concerned,says she may be becoming more symptomatic and they may need to do the banding op.If they do, it could be as early as next week.So here I sit,3am on sunday night,night before this appointment actually really nervous.So silly,because I know whatever happens it'll be in katelyns best interest and the right thing to do.Maybe its because I may feel disappointed that we may not have made it far enough for her to have a once off surgery,or just that I don't feel ready to deal with surgery yet.anyway,we wait and see.
Reminded of 1cor13 in the message TRUST STEADILY

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