Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Scheduled and slowly approaching

Its Scheduled - 5 July. This will now be the pulmonary artery banding operation,which pushed out the open heart surgery until a much later date. This will give Katelyn the time she clearly needs to get much bigger.

So now that we've gone through this strange process of nearly operating, then medicating,and now back to operating - I feel like we're back at square one and now the wait just seems to be sooooo slow. Clearly God gave us this time to get ready for the operation,now doc definitely has my full support - which is why he changed his mind I now hear! They need to feel that they have the parents consent. Strange isn't it,when you feel like you dealing with such a delicate case-that they would actually delay it until you are ready for the ride(I know he wouldn't have made the call if it was detrimental to her). But it works,cos now I can't wait for it to be over.

So from what I've heard from various sources,its pretty heavy going. There's the initial days in ICU where the whole ventilator thing is apparently an adjustment to get used to,to the days following where you stay with the child and basically do all child caring while the nurses just prod and poke when they need to! So we'll see!

Before then there's lots to do- try see a physio and speech therapist...but why in this world are people incapable of phoning people back.

For now,life continues to be day at a time,trying our hardest to get her to keep these medicines down,trying to find the time to have even 5min of play time. But during this all,this little girl remains so adorable,sweet and fragile...

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