Friday, 10 December 2010

Just have to

Sometimes when I feel I could burst with exhaustion (mostly emotional..but physical,mental too...all of it!), frustration, fed-up'ness...its almost a feeling of nothingness than an over-emotional feelings. (But don't get me wrong,there's enough emotion to make me cry!). But that's what its become like-nothingness. When I think about I figure I'm tired, frustrated etc.
I just HAVE to remember to trust God. It doesn't change me instantly, but often slowly and surely I feel a calmness. Doesn't explain or give me answers, but it makes me feel like everything's alright. But that's when I remember to stop,take a break and trust God. The rest of the time is like huge void of empty nothingness.
God, remind me to look to you.

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