Wednesday, 27 July 2011

16 months

16 months! Can't believe it. 

She's started SIGNING!!!!!!!!!! She's now doing the daddy and mommy sign - wow, a big improvement since this post  on how we were so close yet so far. Its still very much work in progress, she can copy the two signs pretty well, but now we've got to work on her grasping the full meaning of the word with the action. So now for more parental discipline in continuing to add more signs (I've been so slow on this one!) and be consistent. 

She's still only sitting. Half attempting to bring her legs up beneath her, but her shoulder girdle strength and arms are just not quite there to help her along. But when she's put in 'all fours' position, she can last a while now if she gets to concentrate on something. She is however much more stable sitting up, and is doing great with reaching and grasping objects around her. 

Her verbal / social / communication skills are coming on nicely. She's generally very chatty, aware, interactive - loves to watch birds, kids, anything moving around her. 

BUT...the most incredible thing, is how she's becoming a little podge pie! How it took us 15months of struggling, and all of a sudden in one month her cheeks are bulging, her arms fattening up nicely and her tummy a seriously cute little pot-belly! Hoping it's all a good thing for her up-coming heart check-up. 

Here some recent pics of her activities (and those chubby cheeks!):

Playing with my friend Charlie...

At the beach with mom...she forgot my hat, so I had to use this one

I love playing with my shadow, moving my arms up and down and watching it move!

Playing in the morning sun on our weekend away

Playtime, so mom and dad could look at the view

They say my cheeks are getting round

and even rounder a few days later...

Welcoming the guests

laughing at dad

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  1. way to go Katelyn! you are so gorgeous and such a champ! Love the chubby cheeks and your smile is infectious!