Tuesday, 5 July 2011

One Year Ago

Dear Katelyn,

One year ago, I left you in the doctors arms and had to walk away from a hysterical you. The next time I saw you, machines were keeping you alive. A year later, we're one heart operation down and hopefully just one more to go.

On that hospital bed, 3 months old, 4.2kg's...today, you're busting through at 8.1kg's-you go girl! You've muscled up-sitting so beautifully, getting so good at sign language, you love people and your smile and excitement is contagious and you're just an incredible delight to your Daddy and I and many others.

So, as I think back to this significant time a year ago, its hard to forget sitting in ICU and the ward with you and to not to dread the operation that lies ahead but I can't ignore where we are now, praise God for it and we commend you. You're an incredible fighter, things don't come easily to you, you have been through so much and very rarely complain - you just carry on surprising me...everyday.

I know that God has His perfect timing for your next operation, so until then...enjoy those vanilla milkshakes that help you get fat [ cos promoting getting fat won't last forever - and it's costing me a fortune :) ], and here's to getting closer to crawling, signing and so much more!

I love you, 

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  1. thank you for sharing Carol, deeply moving, May she shine and grow stronger each day. Look forward to meeting her one day.