Friday, 16 July 2010

Day 8 - discharge: life in the ward

The things I can't believe:
- She gets woken up ALL the time for meds and things. Nothing like at least attempting to do it around feeding times. Just as she's falling asleep,its time to wake her for something else

- I am in a private room (because cardiac patients are at too much risk being in the general ward-thank heavens) and I cannot imagine not being. Its bad enough in here-the noises unbelievable,and that's without the construction that's going on around us (literally drilling and hammering all day...)-something about the aircon in the building. The ward is like being in a dormitory,people milling around everywhere,kids screaming,nurses being I literally hardly ever leave the room! Feel like a prisoner!

- She's been so set back by the op. I'm hoping some of it is 'just for now' and she'll just one day be different,but I think I'm dreaming. She has zero neck strength-back to newborn where full support always needed. Her limbs have less strength than when she was born-particularly the left side where the cut is. Her arm has very little strength and she doesn't really move it. When I change her nappy I realise how little strength she has. It will be interesting to see how quickly her physical strength comes back.

Then there's my worst nightmare-me getting sick. I pray that she doesn't get sick,it would be lethal to her now. Need sleep to get better...and in this place that's a problem.
**i'm sick now,@home,mom2the rescue. She's even spending the night there tonight**
She hasn't picked up any weight,so celebrity surgeon bit nervous to send her home. But cardio comic says that its not an issue and she can go home. Who knows!!!

Day 11 + Day 12
She is finally discharged. Granny stayed at hospital for over a day,and she was discharged to go home with granny-as yes,I'm still not better. My dry cough has now turned into a productive cough which isn't good. Anyway,we getting her back this afternoon (day 12-hope I'm ok by then),and getting a night nurse in tonight. Can't risk me not getting better and simon is on the verge too,so nurse to make sure we don't have to get up 4times and that's without her crying.
She's been discharged with 10medicines,and is generally very sleepy and when she is awake is generally miserable. She is still pretty sore (not sure if I have noted how big her cut is!!!)- but we have to start weaning some pain medication,so not sure how we going to start that.
So yes,out of hospital and now the long road of recovery continues at home. Its going to take a long time to get her strong again - but she's home... :)

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