Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ICU Day 1

What a sight. Words cannot describe.

I can't even imagine having seen her like that without having seen pictures of other babies post op. So thankful for the suggestion by another mother,because without it the ventilator and pipes would definitely have been too much for me.

Its quite something being the childs parent and almost feeling like you're getting in the way and that there's nothing you can do. Those first few hours post op are quite overwhelming. The nurse literally every minute was either adjusting pressures,recording happenings but most of the time is responding to her readings by giving her 0.3 of this,0.1 of that-so she is continually been watched and responded to. A job with a huge responsibility. Quite scary to sit there and hear her talk about this dropping,the urine etc etc. Special K had weed a lot and they were concerned about colour etc!!! My special girl has always loved to wee!

She looked like a plastic doll. Seeing the nurse just move this completely out of it, floppy baby looks quite shocking. Her eyes are half closed with a vaseline type something rubbed all over them to prevent them from drying out. She has loads of tubes on either side of the groin,her hands are going to be wrapped up now and probably tied down,and then the ventilator skull cap(I like to call it) and her other monitors on chest,hand and the drainage etc from cut. War wounds I tell you - she' going to have lots of those.

Watching her lie there,with a machine making her chest rise and fall can only remind me of how fragile life is. How important it is to look after ourselves physically,but most importantly to live one day at a time, embrace God in each day and be grateful for each small thing. One day of a grumpy mood (happens to me often!!)is almost not worth it,as we don't know what tomorrow brings...

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