Monday, 5 July 2010

Pulmonary Artery Banding operation

Our hospital room makes u feel like you in an airport-this because we spend your life hanging around waiting...and sounds like an alleyway behind an asian takeaway joint-that sound and buzz of an aircon machine which gives off a very average feeling.

Strange that this sweet little girl knows nothing about what lies ahead for her-or maybe all the needles and tests yesterday started to give her the idea.

Was awful to be in the room next to where she was getting all her tests done. Then it came to taking some blood-as they need to prepare for possible need to do blood transfusion. I've never heard her scream like that-no injections,synergis or anything has ever made her cry like that. It didn't stop for about 40min.eventually the nurses come and say 'unfortunately we were not able to get blood'. So all that torture for nothing-i'm sure that after the first 5min they could have figured that out! Then they brought in another nurse (who apparently never struggles with these things!),to hear her being put through hell again-for her to also end up saying,"sorry". Then shift change,and the new nurses decide to get the person from the lab to try-luckily they only tried for about 10min! So so awful. Later,when changing her,I found about 3needle marks in each of her arms and two on her hand!!!the poor thing,no wonder she was so sore!!

Had the visits with the doctors (including celebrity doc-who by the way is very nice!),continual temp and sats tests,so all quite busy.

Had a look in ICU-only two little ones down there with the one being transferred out,so hopefully will be quiet there this week. Little K will be an incubator cos she's so small.

The thought of what lies ahead today is nerve-racking...but let me see how it pans out before I comment.

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