Tuesday, 6 July 2010

ICU Day 2

Were hoping she'd come off the ventilator today, but she didnt. So she's still very very drugged and sleepy. I enjoyed the few awake moments, was nerve-racking but great to see her little eyes open and to see her move her mouth and body a bit.

Her body is very swollen, particuarly her legs - from the fluids apparently. Her legs because she's elevated so I'm sure its all running down there. She looks like a 6month old if you look at her legs only! The physio came around today to help work on her lungs, and she had a little wipe down and we put some new bedding around her.

Its so hard - because there's nothing you can do, but you do want to be there. I eventually at about 4pm, found my comfortable little spot in the corner next to her bed and read for a few hours, just keeping an eye out for her and trying to be out of the way for the nurses. The ward has really filled up, so there's no spreading out and its very tight in there!

Day 3...who knows, maybe some of her own breathing. [@ the moment she's only breathing herself when she's awake, so we don't want her to get too lazy!] - and they're only giving her 15ml' every 3 hours! thats a little different to the 100 she was getting! My challenge is to keep up the expressing...Milk Bank here we come!!!

Truly amazed at how calm I've been, I just know that so many people are praying for us and I know that this peace is only peace that God can give. I am so grateful for not being a breaking down mother in ICU - for being able to enjoy her even in this state, to see the beauty below all those pipes, tabs etc - and to know that she's our special gift.

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