Monday, 12 July 2010

ICU Day 3 - Day 7

ICU is where I live at the moment. It is amazing how some days there are such big improvements,and others its just so slow. The big improvements are when the physical machines,pipes etc become less-in one day her ventilator came off (wednesday,day 3),the next day she was off her oxygen by 9am. But now,we're struggling with her chest,has a collapsed lung and chest infection. Its amazing how slowly she improves with all the attention she's getting(physio twice a day, anti-biotics, suctioning). She sounds awful,as though she's been a heavy heavy smoker for 40years.
Its been very tough watching her so upset,sore and everything else and not be able to hold or comfort her. Just stand there and try your hardest not to get upset! But she seems so helpless just lying there in this huge bed hoping she'll recover.
But,the pictures tell story way better,so here a few to see the improvement...

First hour after the op, Nanette looking after me for day 1 and day2. My bed and machines keeping me going...

Hour 2: very drugged, eyes closed with ointment, bit swollen
tummy time is good for keeping fluid moving around lungs
Day 3: Ventilator off, oxygen on...still very out of it but start to open my eyes more. All very swollen

Day 6: Very grumpy still, granny trying to cheer me up
Day 7: Still not so hot, but all dressed and ready to leave ICU

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